Trousdale Place Gallatin, TN

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Trousdale Place Gallatin, TN

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See a home in the City of Gallatin that was once owned by the governor of Tennessee. Trousdale Place is an early-nineteenth-century home that was the property of William Trousdale, the governor of the state from 1849 to 1851.

Learn about the history of Tennessee and how the state was formed. The story is told at the museum on the home’s grounds. See how the land space for Gallatin, Tennessee was part of a land grant from the state of North Carolina.

Look around the books within the small library inside the house. The library has books and studies that focus on the formation of the Confederacy and its operations.

While in the rest of the house, see the many pieces of furniture all around the place. Much of the inside is lined with original pieces of furniture that were owned by the Trousdale family throughout the nineteenth century.

Look at the Flemish bond brickwork used to construct this home in Gallatin, TN. The design features an alternating layout where the bricks are placed perpendicular from one another for the most part, thus creating a distinct and detailed outside surface. The arrangement of the home has a very striking look all around.