Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum Chattanooga, TN

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Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum Chattanooga, TN

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See the many steam locomotives on display at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum in Chattanooga, Tennessee. There are six full-size locomotives at the museum. Among them include the 1911 Southern Railway 4501, a fully restored and renovated model. Look for the United States Army and Canadian National locomotives on display as well.

Learn about the development of rail services in the region. See how many trains were built in the area and how switching systems and stations were produced.

Visit the restoration center to learn how many locomotives are restored in the City of Chattanooga. The Soule Shops restoration center is famous for being very precise with regards to repairing its locomotives.

Take a round-trip ride around the city on one of the steam locomotives. Catch the surroundings of the City of Chattanooga while enjoying a ride in a beautiful cabin. Various day-long trips that take people around many attractions in Tennessee are also held throughout the year.

Watch the freight yard at the museum as it takes in multiple train cars in a day. The switching station around the museum transfers cars from one line to another. This serves particularly well for car manufacturing stations in the region that require rail service deliveries.