Sewart Air Force Base Smyrna, TN

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Sewart Air Force Base Smyrna, TN

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Visit the old Sewart Air Force Base location while in Smyrna, TN. The old Air Force base operated from 1941 to 1971. It is a historic space in Smyrna that houses many artifacts and exhibits highlighting the value of the Air Force and how it helped Smyrna to grow into one of the top suburbs of Nashville.

Visit the historic Air Force base location around what is currently being used as a general aviation airport in the City of Smyrna. Learn about how pilots in the Air Force studied at the base and how training sessions were held. See some of the old airplane models around the base and learn about how they were used in many combat events.

See old photos of the base including ones that show how extensive it was. A majority of the buildings in Smyrna, Tennessee have since been demolished for current functions. These include various buildings that housed Air Force members. The footprints for a few of the old buildings can still be noticed around many parts of the base.

Tour some of the old buildings that compromised the base. The old runways and hangars are still open with a few old decommissioned planes intact.