Peabody Hotel Memphis, TN

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Peabody Hotel Memphis, TN

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Visit one of the most historic hotels in Memphis, TN that is also home to some of the city’s most popular residents. The Peabody Hotel is a luxury venue that has hosted people around the city since 1925. It is best known for its famous ducks.

Come over to the Peabody during the middle of the day to see the Peabody Ducks as they come out to the main lobby fountain. A number of mallard ducks currently live in a private habitat on top of the roof. Watch as the ducks travel over to the main fountain to swim around before being led back upstairs later in the day. Notice the specialized elevator installed as a means of safely transporting the ducks to and from their habitat.

After watching the ducks, see the ballroom at this hotel in the City of Memphis. The ballroom is a place where Tommy Dorsey and many other famed bandleaders performed for live radio broadcasts.

Enjoy a fine drink at the bar on site at the Memphis, Tennessee hotel. Today you can buy straight mixed drinks from the bar although it used to be that you would have to bring a sealed bottle that you bought from a liquor store to the bar just to get it properly mixed.