New Bethel Baptist Church Oak Ridge, TN

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New Bethel Baptist Church Oak Ridge, TN

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See one of the oldest church buildings in the state of Tennessee while in the City of Oak Ridge. The New Bethel Baptist Church is an important building from 1851 with a distinct history.

Walk into the Oak Ridge, TN church and see how the venue was arranged. Look at the wooden pews and pulpit inside this small venue. Many of the original materials used in the construction of the building are still intact. The small design of the church is reflective of the equally minor population of the area at the time.

Look at old photos of the Manhattan Project while in the Oak Ridge, Tennessee building. The property was used as a Baptist church for years until it was acquired by the government for use as a property for scientists working on the Manhattan Project.

Go to the gravehouses near the church and see where many residents are buried. Some of the stones are origins from the nineteenth century although some have been heavily weathered and worn out.

Look up old documents relating to the community of Scarboro. This is an area that much of Oak Ridge is based out of. Scarboro disbanded not long after World War II.