Mars Chocolate North America Building Cleveland, TN

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Mars Chocolate North America Building Cleveland, TN

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Visit one of the places where many popular chocolate treats are made while in Cleveland, TN. The Mars Chocolate North America Building and factory is a place where hundreds of people each day work on producing some of the top candy bars made by the prominent company.

See how Twix candy bars are made while at the building. Go on a tour and see how these famous slim candy bars are prepared with only the best wafers, chocolates and caramel. Watch for how they are packaged in the City of Cleveland with two or four identical bars always going into each package. The mixing, sealing and packaging process for each bar is extensive; the museum shows every step in the process.

Other snacks can be found around the Cleveland, Tennessee factory. Watch as the factory produces a variety of entertaining snacks including chocolate bars, small candies and even chewing gum. The assortment of items made at the factory highlight the diverse line of products that Mars Chocolate makes.

End your tour by sampling one of the many products made on site. Test one of the Twix candy bars as they are prepared and see how well the strong effort that goes into making them pays off in the end.