Davies Manor Plantation Bartlett, TN

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Davies Manor Plantation Bartlett, TN

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See one of the oldest log houses in western Tennessee at the Davies Manor Plantation in Bartlett, TN. The log house is an old home operated by the original owners of the space who held it in the nineteenth century. It is just one part of the larger complex that features several buildings that supported a full mill operation.

Walk along the plantation in Bartlett, Tennessee to see many other buildings from the nineteenth century. See the tenant cabin where guests would stay. Notice the grist mill where many grains were prepared. The outhouse is still fully intact and is even operational although people are not allowed to use it during tours.

Look at the gardens where many foods were grown for use in the plantation and are for other retailers and businesses around the City of Bartlett. See the primary fruit and vegetable garden plus a smaller one where herbs are grown and cultivated. A few of the plants are still growing today.

Take a walk along one of the nature trails that make their way around the plantation. These travel through many mostly untouched forest spaces. The trails include a few stations for exploring the local bird habitats.