Cummins Falls State Park Cookeville, TN

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Cummins Falls State Park Cookeville, TN

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The Cummins Falls State Park is famous for its distinct waterfalls that give the region its name. These are found on the southwestern end of the park. But there are many other things to see around this park in the City of Cookeville worth visiting.

With more than 200 acres of room outside Cookeville, TN, there are plenty of spaces for people to enjoy activities all around the Cummins Falls State Park. Enjoy a hike around one of the main trails that move through the park. Take a kayak and head along the river that cuts through the midway part of the park.

Head to the many bodies of water around the area and spend some time fishing. Look for all sorts of native fish in the region although there may be limits on what you can catch depending on the time of year when you go fishing.

Spend the evening at the camp site around the eastern end of the park in Cookeville, Tennessee. Reserve a spot for camping and enjoy a good evening under the stars. The general store in the region particularly serves all people looking for the goods they need for a successful camping trip in Cookeville.