Cragfont Gallatin, TN

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Cragfont Gallatin, TN


Visit the historic Cragfont house while you are in Gallatin, TN. This is a home that was once owned by James Winchester, the co-founder of the city of Memphis.

Cragfont is one of the oldest existing houses in the state of Tennessee. It was built around the turn of the nineteenth century. The brick surface has faded but is still mostly intact. See how the home has a symmetrical design that features two chimneys on the sides while the windows are spread out evenly on the left and right sides. The Georgian architectural influences on this home in the City of Gallatin are very noticeable.

Walk around the house and see many of the old furniture pieces and items that were in the home during Winchester’s lifetime. Notice how the Gallatin, Tennessee home has a strong southern influence and yet includes a series of accents and art pieces from Maryland, Winchester’s home state. The two geographic influences mix well with each other.

Go to the family plot at the area behind the house and see where James Winchester is buried. The former general in the War of 1812 was influential to the history of Tennessee and was especially critical in the foundation of the city of Memphis.