Carnegie Center for Arts and History Jackson, TN

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Carnegie Center for Arts and History Jackson, TN

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See the exhibits dedicated to the Civil War at the Carnegie Center for Arts and History in Jackson, Tennessee. The museum houses artifacts and uniforms from both sides of the conflict. Learn about how the City of Jackson and other places around the Volunteer State were influential to the war. The museum is located in an old turn of the century building that has chronicled much of the region’s history.

Visit the old library section of the venue in Jackson, TN. The building was originally the Jackson Free Library, a property that was funded by support from Andrew Carnegie in the early twentieth century. Many of the old books chronicling the history of the Civil War and the development of the state are still on display at the library although you would not be able to actually check them out of the building.

Look at the schedule to find out what special events are coming to this venue in the City of Jackson. The library hosts numerous activities relating to local culture. Art exhibits featuring talented professionals from around the state are held here throughout the year. See what makes the city distinct and unique as you go through the center.