Belle Meade Plantation Brentwood, TN

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Belle Meade Plantation Brentwood, TN

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Travel to the northwestern end of the City of Brentwood just south of Nashville and visit the Belle Meade Plantation. Tour the various buildings of the plantation including its main house, the stable, its mausoleum and the wooden slave quarters.

Notice the intricate Greek Revival design of the primary plantation building in Brentwood, TN. The limestone pillars fit well with the stucco outside. The veranda fits seamlessly while the wings are fully symmetrical.

Walk through the slave quarters to see where many workers on the plantation were housed. Note how the rock fireplaces mix in well with the wood around the building.

See all the smaller individual spots that made the plantation stand out. Look for the playhouse where the children would gather for games. See the carriage house featuring many old horse-drawn vehicles including one double-decker model.

Note the large horse barn and farm with a few of the famed horses of the plantation buried here. These include the gravestone for Enquirer, one of the most prominent horses to have lived at Belle Meade.

Enjoy a fine drink at the plantation winery. Most of the wines sold here in Brentwood, Tennessee are made from blackberry fruits and the muscadine, a grape native to the south.