Finding the perfect home is a unique situation that comes with a set of challenges. Despite the stress, it should be an enjoyable process. You’re doing something that signifies the next step in life! Whatever your experience is with buying homes, here are some tips to keep in mind during your house-hunt.

1. Figure out what’s most important to you

Would you rather have a smaller space in a busier part of town, or are you content with a larger home that’s further away from shops and activities? Do you want an open floor plan to entertain or would you rather have a bigger living room? All of these questions and more are things you should keep in mind. Make a list ranking which features are most important, so you know what you’re not willing to budge on.

2. Money matters

Buying a home is undoubtedly one of the biggest purchases of your life. With home ownership comes unexpected expenses such as property taxes, maintenance, and random emergencies. So, you’ll need to create a budget that allows you to purchase a home that matches both your lifestyle and financial footing. But you don’t have to take on this challenge alone. Find a mortgage broker you can trust to give you the best financial advice.

3. Think about the future

It doesn’t make sense to just think about your life situation now. A few years down the line, you may have more kids, more pets, or another life change that requires something different than what you need now. You’ll need room to grow in this new space. That’s why it’s vital that you get a home that fits your future needs and not just your present ones.

4. But don’t overthink it

This might be the most important rule for finding the perfect home. While this is a huge financial and emotional decision, you shouldn’t spend months or years agonizing over it. Whatever your gut is telling you is probably right, and you shouldn’t ignore that instinct.